The Art of Being

Image credit: JB Verances // Model: Erin Fong 

When I endured those unfortunate years of teenage angst (or rather, when they endured me), it was stanzas that would stand by my side. Poetry is not the first friend I think to call, but sometimes I get so taken by thought or emotion, I can’t help but pick up my pen again.

As I write from this coffeeshop now, I notice that my poetry parallels my thought process. Run-on sentences transition to rhyme. Thoughts, once scattered, settle. Not sure if there’s an actual term or poet who writes like this but… here I am, take a big whiff! Continue reading →


A 24 hour adventure challenge: Questival San Diego


At this moment I am in the midst of a 24-hour adventure challenge by Cotopaxi, makers of “gear for good”. It’s like a scavenger hunt on steroids which invites you and 1-5 of your nearest and dearest friends—or, whoever’s willing and daring, really—for a day of unexpected fun. This can be anything from eating bugs to accosting strangers; planking on the pavement to eating an onion like an apple (my friend is still suffering the consequences of that one. We in this!). I can’t wait to post a more thorough description of my day, but let me just say, I definitely bonded with some friends doing things I never would have on my own. Thanks Cotopaxi for the adventure of a lifetime 🙃

What Keeps Me Up At Night | 1

You, and I, are one of a kind creatures (#unicornemoji), each handpicked to carry different talents and dreams. Even those with a similar talent offer different perspectives. So don’t ever fear failure; fear the offense of holding back your pure awesomeness. ‘Cuz when you unleash your inner beast then dang… world won’t know what’s comin’.

-@Cata7yst, June 8, aka me to my future (now present) self

So apparently some people in Milan did a study and found that night owls are “more intelligent and creative” than the average joe. Hey, I’m not tooting my own horn—it’s in quotation marks for a reason. Even still, does that justify my staying up ’til 2 a.m.?

After a day of binge scrolling I decided to get my lazy butt up and do something with all the creative energy buzzing around my brain. And so, I drew; I wrote; I made this list.


Bat Bridge via, aka my mind at night

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Life is a Beautiful Journey. Fear Not.

The Hero’s Journey On Screen

The Hero’s Journey, or the monomyth, is one of the biggest storytelling devices in the literary world. When translated to the big screen and married with flashing lights and other-worldly action, the results are epic.

Joseph Campbell coined The Hero’s Journey as such:

A hero ventures forth from the world of common day into a region of supernatural wonder: fabulous forces are there encountered and a decisive victory is won: the hero comes back from this mysterious adventure with the power to bestow boons on his fellow man.[2]

Several big-name films utilize this device in fantastical settings: Star Wars, Harry Potter, and The Lord of The Rings come to mind. As excited as these legendary tales get me, I’ve been quite interested in the everyday protagonist as of late:

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Mom Records 4-Year-Old’s Inadvertent Insults

Mom and author Johanna Stein attaches a camera to her head and documents inadvertent insults from her 4-year-old:

Not only is the video hilarious; the way it’s shot and the perspective are clever, capturing her vulnerable, naked face and the bare, unamused emotion that go with it.

Oh, kids. May your morning be as entertaining as Johanna’s is to us. Happy October!

Love Never Felt So Good.

Today I took a break from the busyness of life to support my close friend Nova Teng at his first body rawr event.

body rawr

Body Rawr is a 250-member-strong music group spanning SoCal to the Bay and even to NYC that celebrates good vibes and great tunes. I hear about good music here before it hits the general public… like months before. Lots of great things to come from this passionate collective.

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Don’t Wait For Life

An excerpt of something I wrote after reading the book #GIRLBOSS:

I want to create BEAUTY.

Even if that means exposing UGLINESS. Because therein lies truth.

I want to make things that people will marvel at. To stop them in their tracks the way ‘The Diving Bell and The Butterfly‘ stopped me in mine. Exquisite, impressionable art isn’t happenstance; it’s something you labor over with love.

Half of me says “You’ll always be mediocre. You’re a fish swimming upstream; just one of the many in the crowd.”

The other half fights to breathe. “You are unique. One in billions. And whether or not you THRIVE or simply survive… well, the choice is all yours.”

cata7yst-quote-what you want sophia