Che laugh
/ˈkatl-ist/ noun
  • A person or thing that precipitates an event.
  • Representative of the 7 billion individuals on this earth, each with their own unique story, purpose, and passion to tell.
  • An interactive platform by Cheryl Elizaga to digest and discuss leadership, humanity, arts and culture and travel

About the Writer

Che Forest

Cata7yst is a blog and photo stream by me, Cheryl Elizaga, but you can call me Ché. A writer and brand strategist from San Diego, CA, my heart spans the globe (as have these itchy feet) and I’ve had the unique privilege to work as a Creative across southern California; study in the rich environment of Granada, Spain, and travel across India and Thailand doing missions work with the Restorers Discipleship Training School, Youth With A Mission (YWAM).

Life’s an adventure after all—a journey that’s led me back to my hometown, a city ripe with opportunity for creative exchange and exploration. And as with all adventures, the ride’s better with passionate people (that means you!). So pull up a chair, let’s talk living, lofty dreams, and whatever else quickens your pulse.


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