What Keeps Me Up At Night | 1

You, and I, are one of a kind creatures (#unicornemoji), each handpicked to carry different talents and dreams. Even those with a similar talent offer different perspectives. So don’t ever fear failure; fear the offense of holding back your pure awesomeness. ‘Cuz when you unleash your inner beast then dang… world won’t know what’s comin’.

-@Cata7yst, June 8, aka me to my future (now present) self

So apparently some people in Milan did a study and found that night owls are “more intelligent and creative” than the average joe. Hey, I’m not tooting my own horn—it’s in quotation marks for a reason. Even still, does that justify my staying up ’til 2 a.m.?

After a day of binge scrolling I decided to get my lazy butt up and do something with all the creative energy buzzing around my brain. And so, I drew; I wrote; I made this list.


Bat Bridge via austin.about.com, aka my mind at night

Driven Batty at 1 a.m.

First // My friend gave me a sketchbook as we left Thailand; she noticed my desire to doodle. That’s a good friend. As part of my goal to create more; consume less I have an itchin’ to get sketchin’—and to learn calligraphy! I figure as a writer I might as well do something with these words of mine besides type them.

So here is my first page of doodles. A few things to point out, below:IMG_5845

  • Top image: name that pop song-inspired meme!
  • My mantra for this sketchbook: Fill up a page a day. Don’t be afraid! Find some inspo and get to it!
  • A Shel Silverstein-inspired poem.
    “What if the world was really square? Would we ever even survive through it? Would we fall off the edges or would we do it to it?
    Would our houses be round if our world were flat?
    And if we fell off an edge, would we say, ‘that is that?’
    That’s a horrible way to go out, I’d say—but there’s things stranger than fiction really happening today.”

Dos // I found out a family friend died today. She was only 21, an illustrious soul—one of those girls I grew up with thinking, “man, this girl is beautiful.” So innocent. So pure.

After my family got the news my tiny mother scuffled up to me and hugged me. “Don’t die before me, okay?”

I can’t imagine what it’s like as a parent to lose a child. Without saying her name, please keep her family in your prayers tonight.

Three // IMG_5831Image via @roslynnc on Instagram

I’m such a proponent of “dogoodery” and scavenger hunts. This pyramid o’ looove we’ll call it has so many truths I can’t help but wonder—what if I created such a hunt inspired by each step? Hmm.

Think think think.

Thank you all for sticking with me into the lonely hour. Do you guys stay up late? What do you think about/create? 


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