Coffeeshops and Countrysides

Our truck whizzed down the highway, scattered car lights piercing through the night. We had packed, luggage and new Thai friends and all, into the back.

Just seven months earlier I lay wrapped in my comforter, grieving the future I so desired but never pursued. I had given up a one-way ticket to “find myself” on a solo backpacking trip through Asia—the journey I had left everything for. And now here I sat, far from lonely, blanketed with seven other soul-seekers in that Thai summer heat.


It’s true what they say. When you lay a dream down at God’s feet, the unimaginable becomes your reality. It’s so different leading a trip by your own two feet versus following Jesus into foreign coffeeshops and countrysides to serve others. Now, my footprints are not the only things left of me in India; my heart and soul are forever intertwined with the dozens of stories I’ve been so privileged to guest star in.


Every inch of my body cried out sweat as I gripped those metal bars suspending me from the slick pavement beneath our truck bed. And yet, I couldn’t help but smile. A peace-filled smile. A boba-full smile. A knowing, comforted, wow-I-feel-so-alive type smile.

I had finally made it.
I had finally found it.
I was home.

written upon arrival in Thailand, Apr. 29, 2016


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