Chasing Forever

I braced myself, one hand clutching the bar to my side, another around the luggage in my lap. Our driver eased up on the gas, slowing over the bumps in the dirt path, headlamps beaming ten feet in the dark. The only audible sound that early in the morning: our minivan wheezing over those dirt piles, raring to beat sunrise and reach the Bangalore airport after three weeks in India—three short weeks of music, revelation, healing, and friendships built to outlast a lifetime.

I flashed back to my home state, California, and the “Happiest Place on Earth”: Disneyland. More specifically, to a ride modeled after an Indiana Jones movie which takes you and 11 other thrill seekers on a jerky, wild ride to achieve immortality.

Except, this was real life. And the only forever my seven teammates and I were after, we already had.

written for our departure from India, Apr. 28, 2016


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