Be the Change

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Image created by French artist Jean Jullien in light of the attacks on Paris.

Yesterday we slept to the news that over 100 innocent people died in Paris at the hands of terrorists. Today I woke up to similar news in Kenya. When will the madness end? When will it stop? People cried, prayed, scrambled for answers, and pointed fingers, positing that “‘likes’, shares, and posts won’t help; action will.”

On the contrary, I believe posting about these tragedies shows solidarity, that we will not be silenced by fear. I believe that action is up to the individual. This is a post about how I intend to take action—to change the world by changing my world.

Today I read this post by Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project and Better Than Before, about the habits we keep. Sadly, the longest commitment I’ve ever held is between my teeth and my nails; as a child I started biting them out of comfort. Lately those habits seem to revolve around sweets and sleeping ’til half the day is gone.

Now, this didn’t really faze me until I decided to test my glucose levels. I’ve been feeling out of whack for about 2 years (yeah, takes a while to wake us up, doesn’t it), drinking more water and going to the bathroom more than my peers and always, always craving sugar. One Friday night after I took my dad out to dinner, I crashed in bed with a bigger headache than a hangover. I attributed it to MSG until my dad, diagnosed recently with Type II diabetes, explained similar feelings.

Average glucose levels are 77-99; mine are at 103-105, so not red zone necessarily but a first down away from it.

These high levels could be due to the PAN of rice krispie treats I ate over two days, but I attribute it to something even more prevalent: my laziness. What frustrates me about my laziness is that I sleep at 3 a.m. and wake up with more than half the day gone. I want to eat constantly, and everything I intend to do, I save it ’til the proverbial “tomorrow,” until I look back on my day and realize I did nothing.

As a Christian, a warrior for Christ, this is a problem. Paul tells us to “put on the armor of God” daily (Ephesians 6:10-18) because spiritual warfare is real—just look at Paris. Kenya. Clairemont San Diego, for goodness’ sake! There is pain happening on our own streets through modern-day slavery, broken families, and so much more. By succumbing to laziness and curling up in my sheets ’til early afternoon, Satan’s won. I’m not sharpening my mind to face the reality going on outside my four walls, and I’m not being the pervasive THREAT that sends demons to cower. Paul tells us that our walk is less a walk and more a race—to train like a distance runner or a boxer (1 Corinthians 9:24-27). I want to move with power in the Holy Spirit and change the world, and this starts with drastic change within myself. There is too much evil going on in the world today, we’re losing time and ground.

I took Gretchen Rubin’s quiz and found out I’m an Obliger. I don’t stick to my internal goals, but I’m such a people pleaser I will be accountable to others. So I took action: writing out a daily schedule and then texting a few of my sisters and brothers to hold me accountable. I’m really hoping and praying this works because I’m tired of rolling around in sugar all day and watching the news of pain on our watch.

Do you have an issue with accountability? If you do, let me know! I’d love to pray with you. One thing I’m doing is collecting the prayer and praise reports of my friends so I can pour over them in prayer daily. It’s important to me to be others-focused, not just honed in on my goals.

Also, if you’ve made a change in your life that helped you stick to your goals, I’d love to know your tips and tricks.


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