Treat Yo Self To Some Self-Love

Well hello there, blogosphere. Haven’t written here in… wow, 7 months? Time flies when you’re having fun… honestly, time just flies.

Was doing my regular nighttime perusal of the interwebs—my usual scheme to avoid going to bed (some things never change)—when I came across this OpEd by Zara Barrie of Elite Daily, “She Knows Her Worth: Why We’re Afraid Of A Woman Who Praises Herself“.

It’s wonderful for a woman to be smart, to be beautiful, to be hyper-intellectual. She is embraced for these qualities, so long as she’s not aware of it.

-Zara Barrie, Elite Daily

The cool thing about being in advertising is seeing ads which either embrace or attack social constructs. As women power (#flawless) is on the rise, so, too, are videos of gender stereotypes being dragged to the grave (Always and Under Armour come to mind).

Yes, they’re ultra motivating. But why are women always shown fighting to overcome?

What about the woman who’s fierce and already knows it? 


I’ve been fortunate enough to work with women who kick arse in the workplace and take more than just names. They run the scene, behind the scenes. I’ve watched them bear the burden of their work, others’ work, and the sanity/happiness of an entire team… and yet, when it comes to taking credit, they just won’t. 

Why is that? Because it’s more honorable to be humble, even to self-deprecation? A compliment matters more from another than from yourself?

I wholeheartedly believe in building others up, especially to their face. There’s nothing like the light that shines in someone’s eyes when you take the time to point out something you adore about them. I genuinely love doling out compliments, but sometimes people dodge them like they’re in a line of fire, or retort with some uncomfortable comment.

So it only makes sense, then, that when I compliment myself aloud, I get snide comments from both men and (unfortunately) fellow females. I used to wonder if I did this solely to get affirmation from those around me, but honestly, it just feels good. Again, our society is so starved for love in every way; why not give yourself a verbal pat on the back for a job well done? It’s entirely disappointing, then, that when I do shower myself with love (more like a raindrop; I say it once then keep on keepin’ on), my intentions are met with suspicion.

Stop undermining your contributions to your job, your loved ones… to the world. Your talents, your brain, your beauty were gifted to you by the One up above in order to serve your purpose here on this fleeting earth. So do you, and revel in your uniqueness! 

The more you love and appreciate those fine things about yourself, the happier you’ll be, and the more you’ll notice these little quirks and qualities in those around you.

She climbed her way up to this incredible point of high self-esteem. No outer sources were there to lift her up. After all, you can’t knock a girl off a pedestal she built with her own two very capable hands.

And if you do, she has the tools to build herself a new one.

-Zara Barrie

Build that pedestal, girl (or guy). You have my permission. But ground it in truth, not false confidence… and if you need a pep talk or two, I’m always here to remind you how great you truly are 🙂

Have a better week than ever, lovelies.


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