Sephora Lead Artist Julie Taing: A Preview

Update on July 28, 2016: Read the full interview with Julie, now one of only two Lead Artists in the world, here!

I learned to not think about how challenging something is and to just focus on completing and doing it well. We can’t control circumstances that we’re given. We just can control how we handle it.

Julie Taing, Sephora PRO artist

You guys, I have a confession to make: I’ve been holding out on you. Between getting hired to write full-time and not wanting to gouge my eyes out after 12-hour days at the screen, Cata7yst has fallen to the wayside.

I’m sorry to report that I’ve done you an injustice, as I’ve held onto a gem for quite some time: an interview with Julie Taing, 6-year Sephora PRO artist.

Julie Carle ModelThis is not Julie. But her makeup was done by Julie.

You know how the SEALS are the crème de la crème of fighters? That’s basically what Sephora PROs are to the beauty world: makeup artists who add their magic touch to media events, trainings, and those places regular people like you or I wish we could be e.g. backstage at New York Fashion Week, music festivals, and more.

Every two years, hundreds compete to be crowned PRO—a title reserved for just 15. 15! And Julie has nabbed that title time after time again.

Julie Leslie Pinkerton

…Nor is this Julie. But her makeup was also done by Julie.

Stick around for my interview with the driven, passionate, inspiring Julie Taing, where she gives great insight into taking chances, seeking balance, and talking LA traffic with Martin Sheen.

(And in the meantime, check out the Sephora PRO page, dominated by Julie, for some kick@$$ makeup tips.)


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