Love Never Felt So Good.

Today I took a break from the busyness of life to support my close friend Nova Teng at his first body rawr event.

body rawr

Body Rawr is a 250-member-strong music group spanning SoCal to the Bay and even to NYC that celebrates good vibes and great tunes. I hear about good music here before it hits the general public… like months before. Lots of great things to come from this passionate collective.

Anyway, we all spent the day eating great Korean/Columbian fusion food (yes, apparently that’s a thing) and spicy drinks at Escala in LA (can you handle that chili pickle back?? ), laughing and catching up on life. I’m amazed that so many of my girl friends are taking risks and making huge leaps to pursue their passions in life, and I’m fully confident that each one of them will soar magnificently. The time is now 😉

We ended the afternoon dancing in the middle of the restaurant. MJ – Love Never Felt So Good blasted from the speakers at the hands of DJ Technicolor and I had a surreal moment where I paused (in my mind; my body was too busy doing my favorite activity, twirling) and felt so thankful. Thankful for good friends, old and new; thankful for great music; thankful for this life and the many opportunities that have been showered upon my loved ones and myself like a bucket full of ice.

This is a different type of post for Cata7yst for sure but as my new friend Libby said, stop holding others’ perceived judgments to your heart and just go after what suits you… Especially if it’s twirling in the middle of a restaurant to MJ.


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