The #GetToKnowMe10 Music Challenge!

Just in time for Hot Track Tuesday, I bring you… The #GetToKnowMe10 Challenge!

Yesterday, my co-worker Gina posed a fun idea: “Show who you are through your Top 10 Music Obsessions.” Now, when anyone asks my favorite artists I immediately revert to the classics. Frank. The Beatles. Ella. With the beauty of the Internet, however, I’ve been blessed with a load of new, good music.

My playlist is the perfect mix of where I’m at right now: a mélange of dance beats; oldschool turned new; scores from my favorite movies; remixed genres, and tracks that start out one way but build into something else through intricate production.

I’d love to know — which songs describe who you are? It’s difficult at first to narrow the list down to 10, especially if you’re as avid a music lover as myself, but fun to see how you’d portray yourself. Send me a link to your playlist, and let’s get to know each other.

Music is the way we love.


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