Dreams Realized

I’m back, I’m back! I apologize for my sporadic hiatuses, but I was away for good reason…

I got a new job!

As of April 28 you are looking at the new Jr. Copywriter at The Buddy Group. I’m shifting roles at a company I’ve grown in for the past 3+ years to one in the Creative department. This means that I get to write and ideate and daydream for a living! This is certainly a dream come true, one I thank God for every day.

It was a crazy journey to get here — one that can be summed up in some sage words to a friend:

The road to your dream destination is not always straight. There will be twists and turns along the way, but never look at any blockage as a roadblock, rather, a building block.

In other great news…

I FINALLY finished my Japan 2013 video.

I mean, it only took me A YEAR, ha! I’m one of the biggest procrastinators around… not because I’m lazy, but due to a numbing fear that nothing I create will turn out just how I imagined it. Creative analysis paralysis, I tell ya. This video meant a lot to me because it combines two of my greatest loves:

Wanderlust x Video Editing

Now I’m not saying that I’m the next big Hollywood name by any means, but thinking up and realizing scenarios to be captured by the camera is one of my favorite pastimes. I blame it on an overactive imagination developed within the foreign world I’d retreat to as a child.

Well anyway, after a few (very many) nudges from good friends, I sat down to finish my Japan video. I threw out all reservations and just let it flow. And no, it’s not exactly what I wanted it to become, but the moment we let excuses stop us from moving forward, we’ll just sink into the muddy waters of ICant.

I hope you enjoy a brief look into my world… and I hope this pushes you forward to capture that dream career or ideal project, whatever it may be!


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