No One Cares About Your Valentine’s Day Flowers

Cover your eyes, folk. It’s about to get ugly.

As a matter of fact, cover your kids’ eyes. Grab the trash bags. Drink some warm milk to calm the gag reflex you’re going to suffer through for the next 24 hours.

That’s right. It’s Valentine’s Day. Which means your Facebook and Instagram feeds will be covered… I said COVERED… with disgustingly saccharine images and (ugh, great) now videos of lovers canoodling over the typical bouquet of red roses.

I mean seriously people, there are over 250 thousand types of flowers in the world. Be original.

How great for you that “someone special” thought you were special enough to shell out $80 for flowers that will die in a week, and $200 on a meal that will last less than two hours. Why must you flaunt it for the world to see? It’s not like you cured cancer or ran a marathon or anything.

Honestly, no one cares about your Valentine’s Day flowers. Or your dinner. Or even how sweet your bubsy wubsy is.

That’s right. No one cares about what you post on Valentine’s Day.

But do it anyway.

Do it because, for one of the 365 days in the year, we’re encouraged to be honest about how we feel. Since when did we get too scared to shout from the rooftops, “I LOVE YOU!” even if our intended recipient didn’t feel the same way? I told my stuffed animals when I was 5 that I loved them. No shame in my game. Why can’t we share this sentiment with people who can actually love us back?

Do it anyway.

Do it because, if only for 24 hours, America will bask in the glow of your vulnerability made public, as opposed to Miley Cyrus’ privates.

Do it anyway. Upload those photos of you embracing a bouquet, or a larger-than-life teddy bear — blindingly white smile spread cheek to cheek, because spending an exorbitant amount of money on these “Hallmark holidays” stimulates our economy.

Just kidding.

If you don’t have someone in mind already, I encourage you to see this as an opportunity to increase the bond of a relationship you already do have, such as a good friend or a parent. Why limit yourself to a “significant other,” when all of our good relationships should place significance in our lives? As you would for a Valentine, go out and get a small gift, or make something special, such as a nicely decorated card, and share with your Valentine the little things you appreciate about him/her. Share why this person has been a positive influence in your life. Believe me, the feeling will be reciprocal, and you will set the tone for another beautiful year with this person.

~Psychotherapist Crystal Meng, on Heartfully Alive 

And by the way, that “disgustingly saccharine” post up there… I posted that. Those flowers? They were from my parents.

37 years mom and dad.jpg

In sum, no one else may care about your Valentine’s Day flowers, but as long as you care, then love wins.

So get out there and spread the love… to your significant other. Your friends and family. The stranger behind you at Starbucks. Or hey, maybe you can rally up your single friends and adopt a bunch of pets this Valentine’s Day. You’d be doing the world a favor.

sarah mclachlan commercial

Happy Valentine’s Day, Lovers and Friends!


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