Move Your Snakehips to Synth

“In your eyes, I see fires. And tonight, I wanna love you.”

Bondax — Fires ft. Josh Record

I’m losing the fight against moving to the UK daily, especially with music that sounds like this. Here’s an overview of 5 heavy hitters who make up this sultry electronic/synth-pop playlist (thanks MJQuinn17!), which is sure to ease you over the other side of Hump Day.

Bondax Collage.jpg

From upper left clockwise: Bondax (; Moon Boots (; Chvrches (; 

  1. Bondax: Electronic music duo hailing from Lancaster, England. The group includes Adam Kaye and George Townsend who rose to prominence through BBC Radio.
  2. Snakehips: Electronic music group also from the UK. Not much is known about these beatmakers, except that they make a killer remix of Bondax – Gold.
  3. Chvrches: 3 years young Scottish synthpop band from Glasgow. Group members include: the fresh-faced Lauren Mayberry (lead vocals, additional synth and samplers), Iain Cook (synth, guitar, bass, vocals), and Martin Doherty (synth, samplers, vocals). Placed 5th on BBC’s Sound of 2013.*
  4. Moon Boots: Former space-military-industrial worker based in the U.S. who “found solace in the soothing sounds of underground disco and R&B boogie records”. Though I can’t attest to how factual this is, I have to say his bio is awesome.
  5. Kygo: Music producer from Norway. Never heard of him ’til now. Let’s enjoy him together.

And just a side note… all of these artists are either teenagers or in their early 20s who are fully using today’s technology to their advantage. So thank you, Internets, for opening my ears to mind-blowing new music each and every day.


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