I’m Too Lazy for Resolutions

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I usually do so much goal setting at the start of the new year like “THIS YEAR I’M GOIN’ HAM.” But this year, I’ve done none of that.

–conversation with a friend

Let me be clear.

This year, I resolve to improve some of the more obvious things… my inclination to create. My health (eat better!). My wealth (save more money!). But when I look at all my friends’ “This is my year!” posts, I can’t help but feel like I’m underachieving here as I sip on my 4,000 calorie iced peppermint mocha just one week into 2014.

So much for being healthier.

I’ve started each January for as long as I can remember in the same way. Review how great my last year was and promise to make it even better by upping the ante. More trips. More nights dancing. More recipes under my belt. I theme the year with some cute catch phrase (2009: Make it Mine!) and rally around this theme. I expect what I think is the best, and will not settle for anything less.

And then 2013 happened.

I rang in the new year with my best friend and serious boyfriend. The year held much promise for us… an engagement by year’s end that would blow all other YouTube proposals out of the water (flash mobs are so 2012). A wedding the following year, and a nice house we would fix up together, like that super adorbs couple from Disney Pixar’s Up.

I’m not gonna cry, I’m not gonna cry, I’m not gonna… wait, what do you mean they can’t have kids? *BAWL*

And then, 43 days into the new year, I was alone. Clutching a plane ticket to Japan. Solo.

My life changed from that moment. 12 trips (1 to a foreign country whose people I could not communicate with); 8 theme parties; 1 pirate ship; my first music festival in Chicago; 5 concerts, and so much more. All of which I never imagined on December 31st, 2012.

Expect good, get greater.

I can’t fault you for making year-long resolutions if they improve your life. The issue arises when all your energy is focused on the future unknown when you can only really control the present. Remove the blindfolds of your youth because looking for lions is the quickest way to unhappiness when the giraffes at your grasp were lions disguised the whole time.

My point? Anything — EVERYTHING — can change within the matter of a few days. A few hours, even. And you know what? Last year turned out way better than I ever would’ve expected because I rolled with the punches, made the most of the hands that were dealt, and apparently learned every cliché in the book. Good experiences became unforgettable memories; bad ones became life lessons.

via someecards.com 

All we can really do is focus on what’s at hand and strive to make each day better than the last. So cheers to the present and calling my laziness, living in the now.

Because, really, it’s all just a matter of perspective 🙂


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