This Basket’s Not Big Enough For All These Eggs

It is important that our returns to our happiness pool is from several different and diverse activities. At no point in time should we pin our happiness on the outcome of just one single event.

–“Diversifying Happiness” by Street Smarts

Truth be told I am a no holds barred, balls to the wall type. When I do something, it’s all or nothing. This unfortunately stops me from trying new things… for fear of not doing it “right”.

But nothing is perfect and, at the risk of sounding cliché, it’s the journey—not the result—that speaks louder.

This quote speaks to me because I pour 110% of myself into one thing at a time. My work; my significant other, etc. This effort often turns sour when the reality of my singularly focused dream changes course from all original expectation, leaving me frustrated in tears.

I know in my last post about keeping it simple I said I didn’t have any resolutions for 2014. Well, I take that back. This year, I resolve to CREATE more. To try new things… different things… even if the result is not as “perfect” as I imagined.

Summed up, my goals look like this:

  1. Be brave
  2. Create more
  3. Feel great
  4. Love unabashedly 

Yes—they’re very high-level and overly general, but on purpose. I look forward to sharing my steps, as wobbly as a baby deer as they may be, and hope to follow your growth in 2014!


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