2nd Second of Pleasure: A Love Affair With Sound

“Are you a groupie?”

Am I a groupie.
Am I a groupie?

I must admit. I’m having a love affair…

with Sound.

That percussion slapping over synth.
Give that vinyl a good scratch,
Oldschool future sound remix…
Now you’ve got my full attention.

Am I a groupie though?

For the man, no.
The music, yes.
‘Cuz nowadays it’s RARE to be blessed
with good music. I’m distressed
fist pumping to EDM.

Give me Common, Mariah
The Jacksons, Dwele, Ella.
Bel Biv or Aaliyah.
Point me there, I’ll meet ya.

If being a groupie to the sound means experiencing your heart pound
as your pupils dilate
synchronized with the bass
then yes, I’m a groupie.

If it means elevating
Melody is resonating
Causing ripples in your soul
where there used to be a hole…
A void left blank, unfulfilled
Didn’t know what belonged there ‘til
Locking ears with this tune
that you swear was penned for you
then yes, I’m a groupie.

Ooh DJ you be killin’ em.
If you can’t see that girl is poison
or a PYT, don’t hang with me
‘cuz naming Drake to your Top 8
was your first big mistake.

But calling me a groupie,
was your blessing.
Like music is my being.

So I invite you, if you’re down:
Lose yourself in Sound.
And maybe one day you will feel
how dancing in my heels
(‘cuz I wanna rock with you, all night)
makes you worthy of being called

A groupie.





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