1st Second of Pleasure: Find Your Ein Gedi

Seconds of pleasure: Those fleeting moments meant just for you to spark joy within. It’s so easy to get caught up in day-to-day frustrations, but one wonderful life-loving friend once told me that she tallies every blessing she encounters. At the end of a day or week, it’s humbling to look back and see how much good happens in your life.

I hope this mini-series provides a Cata7yst for you to notice, appreciate, and record more of those seconds of pleasure… And that these small moments spark more joy in your everyday.


This week I learned about the term “Ein Gedi.” It’s basically a hideaway from the stressors of this world; a paradise you can escape to for rejuvenation, so you can march back into battle, sword swinging.

Now your Ein Gedi can translate to a number of settings, but what matters most is that it belongs purely and solely to you.

Today, I have the rare pleasure of NO commitments. No lunch outings; no exercise regimen; no work (ok, some work). Today, that stack of magazines collecting dust on my bedside table beckoned.

I can’t tell you the peace I feel when I can get lost in someone else’s words rather than trying to find my own all the time. Reading has been my Ein Gedi since childhood, so it only makes sense this is my escape today. A doorway to another world… To a Secret Garden, or a portal from an old wardrobe to a fantastical dimension.

So, what’s your Ein Gedi?


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