Hot Track Tuesday: Your New Boy/Friend for Leather Weather

“Our generation’s so estranged to unconditional love

All these relationships

Just can’t commit

Yet loneliness hurts even more…”

Where Elli Ingram brought the soul to last week’s Hot Track Tuesday, this week’s artist brings the synth… in the sexiest way possible. I’m a big fan of the Weeknd because when I listen to him, I feel like I’m in an egg-shaped chamber drowning in music. Honestly, one of the best feelings to have, and a big reason I don’t mind sitting in the car just to immerse myself in sound.

Boy/Friend’s got that sound.

To better put into words the genre Boy/Friend falls into, I turned to the best, most legitimate source of information: Wikipedia. I discovered the genre artists such as the Weeknd and Boy/Friend dabble in has been coined PBR&B: an “indie” type of R&B music in the modern day.

“Frank Ocean states that he does not like being called an “R&B” musician and he does not like being confined to one genre.[16][17] By contrast, Miguel says that he is “comfortable” with the term “indie R&B” because it “insinuates a higher art. Or a deeper or somehow more artistic delivery of rhythm and blues music. It suggests there’s more artistry within a genre that has become more of a cliche of itself.”[18]

Writes Brandon Neasman of music website The Grio:

[A] lot of the production is echo-laden and lofty, often using a lot of synthesizers and filtered drums—sonically giving a nod to Prince‘s vintage ’80s sound. Additionally, for the most part, it doesn’t feel as if these artists are selling sex as their main entrée. Granted, they still sing about the topic, and in explicit detail, but it’s in equal proportion to drugs, spirituality and personal philosophies. You don’t get that same diversity in subject matter from the majority of modern R&B singers.[19]
The first tracks I heard off ‘Leather Weather’ were “About Love” and “SOTL” — Shorty on the Left — and I was hooked.
What’s unique about this EP is the interweaving of sound clips from Boomerang, a 1992 film starring Eddie Murphy as a playboy in the risqué world of advertising juggling two beautiful women in power, played by Robin Givens and Halle Berry (definitely not a bad situation to be in!).
And just like his choice to highlight this movie, Boy/Friend himself is a mystery to me. All I know is 1) he’s talented, 2) I love his sound, 3) he’s based in New York, and 4) his album deserves a LOT more than just 107 likes on SoundCloud.
So open your ears to the chamber of sound… and hopefully, in a few weeks, I’ll have more to say about this mind-boggling, uncovered musician 😉

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