Hot Track Tuesday: Adele is Cool. So is Elli Ingram.

I was so wasted, champagne and rosé.

The sun was hot when we got home.

We were so faded, and I still taste it,

I know I’m not the only one…

We were just having fun

–Elli Ingram, Sober

Today’s Hot Track Tuesday comes all the way from the UK. Paul Revere certainly foreshadowed a musical revolution when he shouted, “The British are coming!” centuries ago.*

The Beatles. Amy Winehouse. Adele. And now, Elli Ingram.

I want to say she’s like “the cool version of Adele,” but Adele’s potty mouth and down-to-earth demeanor are so appealing, we’ll just say Elli Ingram is the younger sister who picked up swagger from the streets. Her vibe carries undertones of hip-hop and jazz (Adele may have the pipes, but Elli covers Kendrick Lamar like no one else has), and I’m quite the sucker for mixed genres. Ms. Ingram’s voice is oh so smooth — the perfect au pair to her soulful beats, produced by fellow Brit Felix Joseph.

I mean, who else could make a song about drinking — Fun, again produced by Joseph with help from Trinidad-based Rudi Redz — sound like a sweet ballad?

If you’re not sold into her sound from my gabbing alone, ease yourself into that smooth groove with Poetic Justice, then kick back and relax to Fun. Or just do yourself a favor and dive all in.

Download her ep today at

Elli Ingram — Sober EP Track

Sober (Prod. Felix Joseph & Rudi Redz)

Mad Love (Prod. Felix Joseph)

Elliot (Prod. Felix Joseph)

High Love (Prod. Felix Joseph)

Fun (Prod. Felix Joseph & Rudi Redz)

Poetic Justice (Retrial) (Prod. Felix Joseph & Rudi Redz)

*Paul Revere did not actually shout this; apparently his duty was in secrecy. There goes my early years of schooling. 


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