Pirate Ships Are My Cata7yst

That’s right. I said it.

Pirate ships.

As in black flag-waving, sailor swashbuckling, vessels of the seven seas pirate ships.

piratesOh hello, Cap’n Jack.

The year Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean came out was the year I found love… in Captain Jack Sparrow. I mean, what girl hasn’t swooned over Johnny? But POTC certainly had a special place in my heart even before Captain Jack emerged on the Black Pearl from the silver screen, dating back to the young tyke days when my father would take me on this particular Disney ride.

Devilish charm and striking good looks (even beneath those dirty dreads and smeared guyliner) aside, what made Captain Jack Sparrow sexy was his sense of adventure. In each installment, he is put up to some life-altering test: How can I reclaim ownership of my beloved vessel — cursed immortal beings aside? How will I escape and one-up the master of the sea, himself? And yet, he never backs down from the challenge.

Just Say Yes.

I’ve been MIA from this blogging project, but for good reason — I’ve been so preoccupied saying “yes,” I haven’t made time to sit down and write. Now that I can take a breather, I’m excited to share what’s been happening in my life as a result of giving in to adventure, and to share what’s up and coming for Cata7yst.

che japan

What happens when you combine high school, college, and work friends. A win!

The last time you checked in (and a late apology for the low quality of these photos, taken from my iPhone), I was beaming from my journey to Japan.

Here’s a quick snapshot of what’s been happening these past few months as a result of always saying yes:

che collage

  • Two road trips to Vegas, which resulted in a whole lotta dancing, new friendships, and strengthening current ones
  • Reconnecting with old college friends and finding out we’ve all changed… in a good way
  • Nonstop laughter at Sunday Brunch on the pier with amazing company
  • Trying my hand at new recipes. My new favorite: mango sorbet, made with only 4 ingredients!

And last but not least, ending up on a pirate ship, toasting champagne and singing oldschool songs, steered by a captain who looks strangely like a modern-day Captain Jack Sparrow… bouncing hair, bountiful charm, and all.

My point of this poorly shot update is this:

(Within reason) Be more afraid of saying no than saying yes. Opportunity is fleeting, so make everlasting memories with good people while you can. Laugh freely; complain rarely. Seek adventure more than you curl up with routine. Because you never know when your next “yes” will lead you to a moment that will change your life, forever.



  1. “Seek adventure more than you curl up with routine.” I like that…even at my advanced age when routine is hard to break, this principle could be very fulfilling. Enjoy reading your posts — you are blessed to be a writer! Thanks BB for sharing your heart and soul through Cata7yst. – momsy


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