Wanderlust is My Cata7yst: Japan in Photos

If I could explain my 5 day whirlwind in Japan in 4 words, it would be this:

Quiet elegance. Bustling metropolis.

A dichotomy of sorts, but where the two meet, you have Japan. Nippon. Quite possibly the most beautiful land and group of people I have ever been blessed to come in contact with.

Wanderlust is my cata7yst. My imagination soared past grounded boundaries to distant lands from the moment I learned to string together words out of paperbacks and hardcovers. The biggest adventure I’ve had led me to complete immersion in the language and culture of Spain for 5 months (more on that, later).

But the accomplishment I’m most proud of this year is a solo trip to Japan. I firmly believe in the importance of traveling while you are still young (or, young at heart!) — and definitely before you tie your soul to another.

I found out more about myself in these 5 days traversing Japan than I ever imagined possible. The language barrier, for one, made it easy to be alone with my thoughts.

Revelations to follow. But for now, please take a journey through Japan with me, in photos.

Wishes in Hakone, Japan

A cappuccino in Japan. Neko says mew.

Cherry blossoms delight old friends in Shinjuku Gyoen, Japan.

Cherry blossom season in Shinjuku Gyoen, Japan.

Treats for dinner in Hakone, Japan.

Fish for dinner at a ryokan in Hakone, Japan.

A typical Japanese breakfast in Hakone, Japan.

Silhouettes in Hakone, Japan.

sake barrels

Lake Ashi. Hakone, Japan.

Photo Credit: Mark I.

Che and Mark at the Hakone Shrine. Hakone, Japan.

Photo Credit: Mark I.

Shinjuku lights up at night. Shinjuku, Japan.

Tokyo Cityscape. Tokyo, Japan.

Arigato, Nippon. Wareware wa futatabi au made.



  1. Hope to see this beautiful place someday; thanks BB for sharing these pictures as an appetizer. Still can’t believe you went there alone! Thank God for keeping you safe while there and bringing you back in one piece (the earthquake the night before your departure was rather alarming). – momsy


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