Art is My Cata7yst: A Snapshot of Alli Bautista

The Artist Formerly Known as Alli, Now Called…

“Creative. I don’t know. People label themselves and I don’t really like that.”

Five Faits Accomplis de Alli

1) Contributed to and curated 15-20 art shows including Indiefest and Parachute Factory, but is still most proud of the 2010 Artikulate Friends & Family show.

“It was my first one; my first time. It was so exciting to use those organizational skills I hadn’t in a while. I put it together in just 3 weeks, pouring all of my efforts into it. I was so proud.”

2) Finds her center through Tibetan mandalas (one of them was reblogged on Tumblr over 4,000 times!)

“The Internet is amazing.”

3) Believes women are like jellyfish (wo-man of war, anybody?).

4) Featured on the cover of the March 2013 San Diego City Beat.

5) Is determined to put San Diego on the map as the unsung mecca of art.

My Influences…

Mom. She was very traditional and against my “impractical choice” until she started to see how serious I was about art, and that you can actually make money from it. But she taught me a lot about kicking @$$ and working hard to give me the privilege of choosing my passion over just making a living.
Young Love. When I was 18, my boyfriend at the time planted a seed: “You can do this (art). Pursue what you think is right, not just what will make your family happy.” He was the rock in the road that knocked my ball onto a different path.
Friendship. I’m thankful that Sophinie and I met. She pushed me to paint more; draw more… gave me feedback. I’ve met so many people through our paths crossing.
David. It’s really encouraging to receive positive feedback from an artist that is successful. Especially one whose work you admire and respect.

Words to Live By

“Wolves don’t mind the opinions of sheep.”
Pursue your art form while you can. Don’t listen to the naysayers who aren’t following their own dreams.

“Close the door and drift away into a sea of uncertainty”
Lyrics from the song ‘Smile Again for Me’ by Trail of the Dead

Top 5 Passions

Eating. Good food. Writing. Drawing. Painting. Surrounding myself with good people.

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