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an interactive platform by Cheryl Elizaga to digest and discuss leadership, humanity, arts + culture and travel. So click on your favorite topic (or four), look around, and leave your two cents—the only thing missing here is your voice!


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Whether driving toward business objectives or through the desert with your friends, someone has to take point. As one constantly thrust into the driver’s seat, let’s discuss how to best lead others—starting with yourself.


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There are seven billion people on this planet (and rising!), all with unique stories. The original reason behind the name ‘Cata7yst’, this section highlights the beautiful people I’ve met and the spark of humanity which exists to unite us all.

Arts + Culture

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Finding inspiration from the expected and the not-so-suspect, “poetry, beauty, romance, love—these are what we stay alive for” –Dead Poets Society.



When my sister nicknamed me ‘Ché’ “because it sounds French” she opened the door to a lifetime chasing adventure. I’ve learned in Spain; loved across Asia; lived throughout the southern coast of California, and celebrated Valentine’s Day on a solo trip to Tokyo, among many other travels.